Awesome Workout

Even though I did not want to get out of bed this morning, I had an AWESOME workout! I really can’t believe I pulled it off, especially as bad as I didn’t want to get up, but I guess it came out of somewhere. Plus, I can see that my persistence is paying off. I’ve lost two pounds this week, and I can already tell my clothes are fitting better. I can’t wait to see what happens after January 1, when I start weight watchers AND exercise! Haven’t taken my pictures yet – maybe tonight.

Progress, Maybe? And a New Motivation!

I did my strength training today. I have been so worn out all day after that. I think I may go to bed early tonight so that I have the energy to get up in the morning and work out again. I am doing so good with my workouts, I don’t want to mess it up in any way. And I am TIRED!!! My workouts haven’t really hit me as hard as this one has, but it was a great workout, too. I always love strength training.

My boyfriend is going to take some “before” pics for me. Sorry, they won’t be posted on here, but I will use them to help motivate me. I think I may get him to take pictures every month or two. Then I can really see the progress.

An Incentive

Of course, now that the week has gotten underway, my eating habits have gotten better. I need to be sure to carry that over into the weekend. I have decided, though, that when the new year starts, I will start weight watchers. I am really excited about that. I always do well on that program, and if I keep my goal in sight and keep myself motivated I should do fine.

I also decided that I needed an incentive – a really good one. I think that is one of my major problems, that I don’t have an incentive. I had one when I lost all the weight before – my best friend was getting married. Now I need a really good incentive. Well, my boyfriend agreed that if I lost all the weight he would take me to The Biltmore! That is very exciting, because I’ve always wanted to go, and now I know that if I lose the weight I want to lose, he will take me! I am going to get all kinds of pictures of the Biltmore and put them up everywhere so that I will be reminded of my goals.

My workout went pretty good this morning. Tomorrow I will be strength training. I was going to do that this morning but I got a new Tae-Bo workout dvd so I decided to try it out.

Monday Monday

Well, I worked through my aching muscles and worked out this morning. I’m pretty proud of myself for making it three days in a row, even though what I’ve been eating the last two days hasn’t really helped. But a new week is starting and it is time to get serious now. Clint said last night that he felt so bloated from all of the food that we’d eaten all weekend. I haven’t felt that bad, but I suppose the workouts are probably helping with that. I just know that I can’t keep up the pace that I’ve kept all weekend. And I told him that too. I went grocery shopping yesterday and just got a few things because we are going to try to eat cheaply for the next two weeks. There are things I forgot, but eating cheaply should help with eating better. Or at least with not eating as much food. I don’t know about the healthy part.

The Weekend

Okay, this is why I like weighing on Thursdays.

I worked out yesterday morning before I posted my first posting. It was a great workout, and I am so sore today, despite stretching and taking a hot bath before bed yesterday. But after we dropped the girls off, we went to Carrabba’s to celebrate our anniversary. And I ate WAY too much. And then we went to Krispy Kreme and bought way more donuts than two people should ever be allowed to buy.

I like weighing on Thursdays because I can get all of this out of my system by then. But of course, I also have to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. I hope that if I keep motivated and show some results, it will motivate Clint to do more too. It worked last time. Maybe it will work this time. He says that he’ll be doing something with Larry after the beginning of the year, but I’m a little skeptical. I just have to keep myself on track right now, and hope that he’ll see me and my results and get motivated by that.

Anyway, I’ve already done my workout for today. I did about twenty minutes of strength training with aerobics and about twenty minutes of yoga to stretch out my poor sore muscles. Now we will have to see how this working out will go when the work week starts.

A New Beginning

Okay, I have tried and tried and TRIED for the last year or more to become serious about diet and exercise. I had a baby three years ago, and not only have I not lost the baby weight, but since I met my current boyfriend a year ago, I have gained back what I had lost before I met him. I am horribly out of shape, extremely overweight, and I am really starting to just feel bad physically. I never thought I would let myself get to the point where I was really feeling bad, but I have, and now it is time to do something about it.

This blog is a contract to myself. Well, its more than that. I guess it is a way to hold myself accountable, as well as being a contract. See, I want to get serious about this. I’m tired of being overweight, and I’m tired of feeling bad. I want to exercise and go on a sensible diet and lose this weight and fit into all of those skinny clothes that I have stashed away in my storage shed, just waiting for the day when I can wear them again. I want to wear them again! I remember the cute stuff I have in there!

So this is my plan. First of all, I will not go a day without doing at least thirty minutes of some sort of exercise that gets my heart rate up. EVERY DAY! Even if it something as seemingly lame as the walking dvd that I have – I have to do SOMETHING EVERY DAY! And at least every other day at this point it needs to be some sort of strength training so that I can build up my muscles and increase my metabolism. Second, I will cut my calories. I have already started doing that, but I slipped a few times this week. I really, really need to make sure that I’m not hungry when I get home from work, because that is when I blow it. But those protein bars I ate on the days when I didn’t slip really helped so I need to make sure I eat one of those every afternoon. And third, I will record in this journal EVERY DAY how I did with my workouts and my eating. I will do the recording in the evening before I go to bed, after I eat dinner. That really shouldn’t be that hard.

That is my plan. I hope to lose 20 pounds by my birthday, which is in February. After my birthday I will set a new weight loss goal and perhaps adopt a more structured eating plan, but right now I am going to focus on starting to exercise and just cut my calories. That alone shouldn’t be too hard, and it will be a better starting point as far as keeping track of things. I need to make this exercise a habit before I start trying to write stuff that I’m eating down all the time. I am going to weigh myself weekly and take my measurements monthly. I guess I will use today’s date as my point of measurement, but I would really like to weigh myself on Thursdays. I don’t know why. When I lost all that weight before my best friend’s wedding, that was my favorite day to weigh on, so I guess I will use it again.

I am looking forward to this, and I hope that this journal will keep me motivated as well. I really want to succeed this time!