I am a thirty-three year old mother of two, as well as the girlfriend of an incredible man. I work a full-time job, and I go to school full-time. Needless to say, my life is very busy, and I need to have the energy and the strength to get through it all.

I have been on, or looked into, every diet on the planet. Okay, maybe not every diet. Some diets just sound so stupid that there really isn’t a point to even look into them. But my point is, I’ve done a lot of dieting. Weight Watchers helped me lose a lot of weight almost ten years ago. I’ve low-carbed it with my fiance, who is diabetic. And now I am starting a Paleo lifestyle.

I looked into Paleo briefly while I was doing research into low-carb diets, but I thought that it was too extreme, too much, too time-consuming. As I start my Paleo journey I am finding that it is actually quite simple, and it is only time-consuming if you let it be.

Of course, since I am completely new to Paleo, I have constantly been doing research to educate myself about how it works. And I have found out some interesting things about the Paleo community. First of all, no one does Paleo the same way. Everyone experiments with what works best for them, and they stick to that. I love that idea because most diets are so “cookie-cutter,” but not everyone is the same. Second, no one in the Paleo community expects you to be perfect. Everyone understands that there are times when you will decide to fall off the wagon, but the important thing is to get back up and get back on. I always hated how I felt like such a loser if I went off my diet for a day. It makes me think of my five-year-old who, when she gets frustrated with something, throws her hands in the air and fusses and whines, “I can’t do it!” I have done that way too many times with way too many diets.

So the purpose of this blog is to chronicle my journey in such a way that I can reflect on what is working, what isn’t, and what I need to change. It will also talk about my experiences with getting my family on board (because I do plan on doing that!) and perhaps even some recipes. Some of the earlier entries deal with my life before Paleo, and hopefully, over time, there will be a huge difference in mindset between those entries and the later ones.

I hope that you enjoy this blog, and I hope that my journey will either inspire you, educate you, or both. I appreciate comments and suggestions, and I hope that those who enjoy this blog will introduce themselves in the comment section below!

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